Urban Garden DIY: Pea Vine Trellis

Here’s a quick DIY for your urban garden. Since our space is so small, I am making the most use out of every container. I had my husband build planters for my tulip bulbs last fall, and decided that I wanted to grow sugar snap peas in the same container this spring.Pea Vine Trellis


You can purchase a packet of eye screws at your hardware store for a couple of bucks. Screw in a few to your wooden planter and a few more about 4-5 feet up the wall. Tie fishing line from one eye in the planter to one above on the wall. Plant pea vines in a row below. As the vines grow up, their tendrils magically wrap themselves around the invisible fishing line and up the wall!

One response to “Urban Garden DIY: Pea Vine Trellis

  1. good idea. much better than our last-minute attempt at sugar snap peas on the deck and trying to guide the vines to the railing balusters.

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